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This page lists all names mentioned in articles mentioning Sheila Smith relating to Nuclear. For a complete overview of this entry's activities relating to this topic, please see the Sheila Smith Person DB Profile.

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Sheila Smith   100.00% (55)
Yoshihiko Noda   96.36% (53)
Shinzo Abe   92.73% (51)
Lee Myung-Bak   92.73% (51)
Shintaro Ishihara   90.91% (50)
Kaoru Hara   90.91% (50)
Nobutaka Machimura   90.91% (50)
Toru Hashimoto   90.91% (50)
Mari Yamaguchi   90.91% (50)
Yoshimasa Hayashi   90.91% (50)
Shigeru Ishiba   90.91% (50)
Nobuteru Ishihara   90.91% (50)
Junichiro Koizumi   89.09% (49)
Shinzou Abe   5.45% (3)
Junji Kurokawa   5.45% (3)
Itsuo Inouye   5.45% (3)
Naoto Kan   3.64% (2)
Fukushima Daiichi   3.64% (2)
Eiken Itagaki   1.82% (1)
Yuki Oda   1.82% (1)
Junichiro Koizumis   1.82% (1)
Neil Wilmshurst   1.82% (1)
Asahi Shimbun   1.82% (1)
Koichiro Gemba   1.82% (1)
Jane Nakano   1.82% (1)
Yukio Hatoyama   1.82% (1)
Fukushima Daichi   1.82% (1)
James Acton   1.82% (1)
Takuya Hattori   1.82% (1)
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